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This entry is a grab-bag of excellent things! To begin with, I have amazing arty things that a gorgeously awesome fanperson named Jessica has made. Jessica wrote to me and said 'hey, I make wee sculpture people and I want to do some Wolf House ones, k?' And I wrote back and said 'jklsajfklsajdla'. And then today these pictures were in my inbox:


And she deserves a million zillion words of gratitude and praise and love but all I can really manage is AAAAAAAAAAH because OH MY GOD SO FUCKING COOL. I am overwhelmed with glee and joy. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH AAAAAAAH.

In other news: so, MyChem are playing the Big Day Out. Clearly this is a conspiracy by the universe, because I've long maintained that I have two dealbreaker/bulletproof bands which I will attend regardless of circumstances: Hole and MCR.

Hole are playing the Soundwave Festival early next year, and as already mentioned MCR are Big Day Outing.

I loathe Australian summer music festivals, especially the Big Day Out. I went to Bamboozle Left in the USA in 2008, and it was so completely different in vibe and quality of management and everything that you'd only believe me if you experienced the difference yourself. Australian summer festivals are hot and violent and nasty and gross. I haven't been to the Big Day Out in more than ten years. I don't just dislike it -- I genuinely feel repulsed at the idea of giving those organisers my money for a ticket.

But. MCR. I've been across the world multiple times for those losers, and I can't suck it up for a festival? And Hole are the band that made me into me -- I gotta go to see them, right? It'll have been thirteen years since I was last in CLove's presence. Passing that up would be tragic.

But on the other hand uuuuugh festivals ugh.

Speaking of, I went to a festival today! But it was indoors and not hot and therefore actually pretty enjoyable. I hi-fived Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley, and was newly reminded that Spencer Smith and Brendon Urie are the prettiest and most polite and friendly dudes in the whole wide world.

I didn't take anything nice to get signed (look, I'm massively depressed and barely functioning as a human right now; the bands should be grateful I remembered to wear pants, so I think I can be given a pass on forgetting to bring cd covers) so here is my ticket with scribbles on it.

scribbles! )

Here are some more crappy phone pictures of my day!

Bands bands bands bands woo! )

BREAKING NEWS: I really like live music kind of a whole lot. Ugh bands, you have my heart forever, bandom is stuck with me as a member of it for eternity I'm afraid.

And since I'm cleaning out recent pictures on my phone, here are some snaps of the costumes from Mad Men that I took the other day when I saw the exhibition at Chadstone. My focus was on Peggy's outfits because I adore her best forever and ever, with a couple of snaps of Joan's fabulous pencil-pendant thrown in as well.

Pretty clothes! )
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Rant by Chuck Palahniuk is one of my favourite books. I don't know what to call it, genre-wise. It's not really speculative fiction and it's not really sci-fi, but I love it as an excellent example of how weird and unexpected speculative and sci-fi fiction can be. It's gross and it's smart and it's transgressive and it's subversive and it's funny and it's horrifying and it's joyful and it's sad.

I first read Rant about a year ago now, because after Erinna saw My Chemical Romance's 'Art is the Weapon' trailer her first words to me were "It's just Rant. I can't believe how much this is literally just Rant."

And there are overlaps, certainly. But Rant is also nothing like any other piece of media I can think of, album or novel or movie. It's by far my favourite of Palahniuk's novels.

Okay, how's this: imagine Slaughterhouse Five and Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys had a bratty teenage son who never bathed and loved Encyclopedia Dramatica and thought that Antichrist Superstar was the height of edgy and profound. If that kid wrote a novel, that novel would be Rant.

The book's subtitle is "An Oral Biography of Buster Casey", and this is one of the reasons I'm uploading the audiobook version instead of the text of the novel. Hearing the different voices enhances understanding of the characters as distinct narrative perspectives, and highlights the patchwork nature of the story. I was impressed by the quality of the performers and believe the recording enhances an already excellent novel.

This book requires trigger warnings for a non-eroticized but graphic description of a rape, numerous descriptions of car crashes, and many scenes of spider, insect, and animal bites.

Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey, audiobook recording, mp3 format, 133MB
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Soundwave Revolution have screwed up my order and sent me four tickets (and charged my credit card for four tickets) to the Melbourne date, rather than the two I asked for.

I know from previous experience that trying to track down a phone number for anyone involved with the festival is an exercise in absurdity, so I imagine that attempting to get a refund would be double-double absurd with a side helping of absurd. Therefore, I'm going to take the path of least resistance and simply try to sell the spare tickets myself.

The show date is Friday the 30th of September, and the tickets are $166.00 each and there are two available. Which means you're already saving the $5.50 processing fee and whatever postage charges would've come along with buying them from Ticketek, plus you'll have an excuse to meet up and hang out with my fabulous self.

Plus, like, there are a bunch of amazing bands appearing, like HOLE and PANIC AT THE DISCO and THURSDAY and THE USED and the Damned Things and Van Halen and Alice Cooper and seriously, Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith and Geoff Rickly and Bert McCracken and Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley all in the same place, which is the same place that Courtney Love will be, everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

If you get a ticket and you're coming from out of town, there's crash-space at my flat, too, though I'm just warning that you may be required to sleep under the watchful gaze of my Social Network poster.
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Ugh, you guys, I hate Soundwave. Not as much as I hate the Big Day Out, but Soundwave is absolutely second on the list. Basically, I don't care how fucking great you treat journalists (and they are basically perfect in that regard, credit where credit is due) if you treat your patrons like such shit that there are literally busloads of kids being transported away from the area outside the medical tent due to sunstroke and dehydration.

In short: Soundwave, not my favourites.

But they've just released the line-up for their new September side-festival, Soundwave Revolution.

Hole. Panic! at the Disco. The Used. Thursday. The Damned Things.

This is not playing fair, Soundwave.

So... who's going to which dates, my beloved tour bros?


Apr. 16th, 2011 12:08 pm
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Some photos from yesterdaaaaaaay. I love my friends and I love this city and I love that dumb band and ugh.

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This batch of photos from the last couple of days is less varied than the last lot, as I didn't think that interludes on an interstate bus or at a Milwaukee IHOP would be of all that much interest. So it's just some silly band I saw again or whatever. I kind of love them a lot and forever.

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by Mary
Rating: General
Summary: Saverin is usually third or fourth on the S.C.A.R.E.C.R.O.W lists that Korse himself is often first or second place on.

keep running )


Feb. 15th, 2011 04:40 pm
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You can make very valid arguments for why Rolling Stone is no longer relevant, but I'd be lying if I said that it isn't still The Dream for me as a music journalist (or 'music journalist', if you like, since most of my journalism time in the last two years has been taken up with interviewing people about things like balancing the cultural, social, physical, and educational needs when helping children in developing countries, which is actually pretty fucking rock and roll in itself anyway). My point: Even if Rolling Stone itself is kind of hit and miss, the idea of Rolling Stone still has a lot of currency in the world.

And I think it would be totally neat for Empires to be the first unsigned band ever to appear on the cover. They have an admirable work ethic and attitude to their creative output, they're hilariously bad at being rock stars, and I don't know a single fan whose experience of being a fan of theirs hasn't been above and beyond rewarding.

My understanding of the contest is that you go here, and rate the band, and if they're one of the four highest rated they progress to the next round.

Earnest ridiculous weirdos from Chicago are basically my favourite kind of people in the world. So let's get some of them on the front of a magazine!
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Erinna and I were planning to stop off in Denver on our way to Chicago this April, on account of the fact that I feel my life requires a second interlude involving a 28-foot mural of a snow-dusted alpine forest.

Alas, Erinna is now unable to make the Denver leg of the journey, which leaves me uncertain as to whether or not I should make the detour myself or just skip it and head straight to Chicagoooo. As with all important decisions, I felt it was important I ask the internet's opinion before going any further.

Would anybody like Erinna's ticket to the MCR show in Denver on April 9th? You can have it for freesies, since it would otherwise not be used, and if you're not local I'm happy to discuss the possibility of sharing the snow-dusted alpine forest.

I probably won't go to Denver if I'll be on my own the whole time, but if someone wants to line-sit and generally be foolish along with me I may well do the mature and responsible thing and make the trip. The tickets are 'will call', which means only I'm able to pick them up, because otherwise I'd be able to offer them up to interested parties without the catch of having to hang out with me.

Sooo... takers?

edit: I may well have a possible taker! Woo! Hooray for enabling riduclousness! edit again: Ticket gone! Yay internet! Looks like I'm going to Denver, ahahaha.

Oh shit

Feb. 9th, 2011 03:05 pm
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Ballad of Mona Lisa still reading MARY DID IT

Panic at the Disco are on to me quick help me put this evidence in the incinerator.
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Birthday picnic was wonderful fun, though now I am sunburnt. I adore my family, my friends are wonderful, and I'm having a mood where I just generally appreciate all the fantastic things in my life and feel capable of conquering all the non-fantastic bits without too much trouble. Yay for good days!

Also, I read a fabulous story this evening: The Other Boy by Lenore. Remember that time Adam Lambert tweeted that if he could be on any television show, he'd want to be a singer in Fangtasia on True Blood? Yeah. It's a great story on numerous levels and I'm sure I'm going to re-read it numerous times.
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I didn't get a lot of sleep the last couple of nights. On Wednesday night it was because Tropical Cyclone Yasi was bearing down on the town where my father and my baby brother and baby sister live, and I was glued to the grim updates and getting so worried that I eventually asked Erinna to come around and keep me from completely losing my mind.

She came despite the late hour, because I have amazing friends, and we stayed up until two watching the amazing vampires documentary my mother once gave me on dvd, which includes a long segment about a Minnesota couple who are in a long-term relationship with Vlad the Impaler on the astral plane and had him help decorate their house.

Everything turned out all right in the end: Dad and family still don't have power or phones, but managed to use one of the special emergency lines for long enough to call my grandmother and say that they're all safe and sound. I was giddy with relief, but won't ever forget the hideous feeling of knowing that somewhere far away people I love were in danger and there was no way for me to help, nothing for me to do but wait until the danger passed and then get the news of how it went. Ugh.

Then last night I didn't sleep well because I was feeling like a general grumpy hideous disgusting failure. First really yuck attack of the moods for 2011! Happy new year! Blaaargh.

So I am a LOVELY RAY OF SUNSHINE this morning, I'm sure you can imagine. And work is a sick-making level of stress all on its own, so I'm sitting here feeling completely grumpy and terrible and then I feel like a complete shit for feeling like that when my family are all safe and life is good.

Case #183(a) is updated, which is an increasingly rare event. I should add some of my photos from Paramount Studios or something.

Ugh, I suck so much and I am going to fail at being Editor and get fired and die alone and homeless and crazy.

La la la

Feb. 2nd, 2011 11:40 am
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Pre-ordering Panic!'s new album yesterday has put me in a bouncy mood, fannishly. It's neat to be excited about bands! I like it!

Also it has put me in a massive 'I really love Alex and Tim in Wolf House a lot a lot a lot' mood, which probably means I have to relinquish any right I have to the weird crankiness I feel whenever somebody talks about WH as if it was fic with the names changed. Can't have it both ways, Mary.

(Relatedly, I probably need to stop being a precious princess who gets butthurt every time a reviewer/commenter/friend says "with book 3, the series really hits its stride". I get flinchy when I hear this because my brain basically translates it to "you will never be able to properly write anything except vampire hobbits so just give up trying to do other things". Yes, really.)

But! Yes. I love Alexander and Timothy a lot. I'm not sure if writers are supposed to say this or not, but to be perfectly honest I love all of Wolf House a lot. It's not perfect, but I feel like I got really close to telling the story I wanted to tell, to create the characters I wanted to create. To write the book I wish had existed when I was fourteen, basically. I'm proud of what I did.

(Relatedly, WH recently hit the filesharing rounds, and I speak for myself and only for myself when I say that I'm totally okay with this. Other writers have other feelings about piracy, and I haven't considered the subject enough or read widely enough to be sure of how I feel on the situation in general, but for my part and with regard to my own work, I totally don't mind. In fact, have at it. Consider it the mathom for my birthday this coming weekend. If you like the book, consider buying a copy or putting some money in my tip jar! Woo! Vampires! Punk rock! Queer teens! Kittens!)

Oh! Speaking of my birthday, current plan: Show up at the Nelson Place park in Williamstown at one p.m on Sunday. I am planning to drag a picnic rug and some cushions and some nibblies and wine, and we can all sit around and buy food from the cafes across the street and watch amusing dogs run around and stuff. Presents are not required. Bring food and drink instead! My phone number's 0406 459 964.

You'd never guess from this entry that I am practically passing out with stress from New Job Responsibilities and Threat Of Impending Massive Storms Right On Top Of My Baby Sibling's Heads Seriously What The Fuck Queensland Is This Fucking Ragnarok Or Some Shit I Mean Come On. Push all the bad feelings down into a tight little ball and wear a smiiiile! Marge Simpson taught me well.
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So let's discuss this exchange from Being Human UK season 3 episode 1: They’re cheering... )

SHOW. I LOVE YOU SHOW. Being Human exists, all is right with the world.

Because I was so full of joy and love at my showwww being back on, I actually watched the first two episodes of the US remake.

My love of The Ring and Let Me In attest to the fact that I am perfectly capable of wildly adoring remakes, when I feel like they've done something interesting and new with the thing they're remaking. Now, since Being Human US is following the same episode arcs as the first season of the UK version, it's hard yet to discern what riffs/differences they're going to do, but I've got a few preliminary observations.

a) the things I find especially wonderful about Mitchell -- his constant snacking, his gross personal habits -- aren't present in Aidan. Aidan doesn't eat human food at all, and appears to know what a bath is.
b) The antagonist vampires are much less superficially avuncular -- Rebecca and Bishop are more obviously predators in their looks and speech rhythms than Lauren and Herrick.
c) Josh is more self-absorbed than George, Sally is less flighty than Annie, and there's more of a sense of genuine irritation rather that just frustration between Josh and Sally.

Essentially, I think it's telling that the first episodes are a remake of both the first episode of the UK version and the original UK pilot. It seems like more than the plot of the pilot's been borrowed -- the tone and characters are a mix of the UK series and the pilot, rather than just the series.

So if you're among those who (for some reason I can't fathom) didn't enjoy the direction the UK series took after the pilot, you might want to give the US version a look. I think I'll stick to the UK one myself, though I may dip in and out of the US one from time to time out of curiousity.
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I've been up in Brisbane for the past week, and for all of that week my mood has been wonderful, optimistic and organized and bright and jaunty. I had a wonderful Christmas hanging out with my family and have watched far too much awful awful reality television with my mother (Tabatha's Salon Takeover is the best of the lot).

That's why being down today was actually kind of good, in a lousy way. Because it was a reminder that I can be having an amazing-bordering-on-surreal holiday (more on that in a second), not have work to worry about, be surrounded by people who love me, feel positive about the future and myself... and still have all the dark, shitty, self-destructive thoughts creep up and punch me in the face, still spend half the day sleeping fitfully, still feel like a collection of broken pieces that don't fit into a whole.

It's a good reminder, because I was getting into that 'I'm on a new dosage and I have made lots of resolutions and now life is going to be easy and happy and awesome!' mindset, and while positivity isn't a bad thing, it would have been a bad thing for me to continue ticking along without a reminder that along with that chipper-ness I have to find a sense of compassion towards myself, to find a way to feel optimistic whilst still being realistic about the fact that my mental illness exists. It doesn't magically go away because I'm on better medicine or because I have some time away from my job, but that doesn't mean it has to rule my life either, so long as I accept that the bad days will come sometimes and I just have to live through them.

ANYWAY. The actual reason I sat down to write this post is because yesterday afternoon something amazing happened. I was going to meet Gracie at the Starbucks in the Queen Street Mall, and I got there a few minutes before her so I went inside to look around -- it was pouring rain outside, but it was the heavy warm Brisbane summer rain, so I'd been walking through it and getting wet and laughing quietly to myself about it, rather than worrying about getting out the umbrella in my bag.

So I step into Starbucks, looking like a drowned rat well overdue for a haircut and smelling like an overweight Melbourne girl who's been in the Brisbane summer humidity all day. And queued up waiting for his coffee is Darren Hayes.

Either you know my history as a Savage Garden fan or you don't, but the short version is: they always have been and always will be THE BAND, by which all other obsessions I will ever have will be judged.

I looked like a mess, and not an especially hot one (though a smelling-like-sweat one, sure), but my brain had checked out right around the second I'd gone 'oh, Darren Hayes' to myself at the sight of him.

(The following conversation looks incredibly awkward written out, but it was actually just kind of happy natural waiting-in-sbux small talk in tone.)

Mary: I'm sorry, I know you must get this all the time, but I just wanted to say I've been a fan for years and I follow you on twitter and I wanted to come say thank you.

Darren: [I... have no actual idea what words he used here. But the general vibe was 'that's cool, thanks] What's your name?

He held out his hand for me to shake at this point. I always forget to have a good handshake during the meetings where I actually care what the other person thinks of me.

Mary: I'm Mary, hi.

Darren: Hi Mary. You out getting some shopping done today?

Mary: Meeting a friend, actually. I moved to Melbourne a few years ago, so I don't see everyone up here that often.

Darren: Yeah, I'm here visiting my family. We're doing some post-Christmas shopping.

Mary: Hitting the sales?

Darren: Yeah, though I don't know what's up with this weather, it's pretty crazy.

Mary: Yeah, we don't get rain like this down in Melbourne. Look, I don't want to take up any more of your time, but I just had to come over. Your music pretty much saved my life when I was a teenager. I just wanted to say thank you.

Darren: Thanks so much for saying that.

Mary: I always used to dream of meeting Darren Hayes in the Queen Street Mall when I was a teenager.

Darren: Oh, that's so sweet! Thank you.

And then I left the Starbucks at went to sit at some undercover tables near the McDonalds to wait for Gracie. A little while later Darren and his family walked past, and I smiled at him and he smiled back.

There was so much I could have said, and things I kick myself now for forgetting (you didn't think to get a photo, Mary? Or get him to write out lyrics for a tattoo? Or even, I don't know, not talk about your Mary-Sue daydreams while they're coming true fourteen years later?), but in the end I said the most important part -- I told him thank you. I'm glad I got to do that.
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I have worked out why I was having trouble reconciling the way journalists are talking about the Danger Days vs Black Parade thing with how the worldbuilding and the music and stuff made me actually feel!

I read a quote from one of the MCR dudes -- I want to say Mikeyway or Frank, but since I don't have the article on-hand I couldn't say for certain -- where he said that Danger Days is a reaction against the scrapped album, which in turn was a reaction against the Black Parade.

I tend to think of three-act narrative structures in terms of thesis : antithesis : synthesis. Or, to put it another way, as situation : disruption : new situation. Luke Skywalker's on the moisture farm, and then Han Solo's encased in carbonite, and then the Ewoks all have a party.

So where articles have all been encouraging the band to be like "first we were in black and hated everything, but now we wear colour and are happy!", and it's been hard for me to make sense of in my head, this other story is more "first we had Colleen Atwood and Rob Cavallo and made a huge crazy album about death, which ended up making us depressed. So then we said no costumes! no concept! no no no! and tried to make an album that way, but we didn't like that either. So we called Colleen Atwood and Rob Cavallo back and made a huge crazy album about surviving."

Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. That is a story I can dig.
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Theopteryx is doing a Killjoys art meme, for everyone to design themselves and their rayguns for the world of Danger Days. Since I've pretty much got my 'character', Sharpest Rose, worked out already, and also because my drawing skills are shameful, I just did the raygun part of the meme.

My raygun's name is Junior.

Pow pow pow )
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When Erinna called me on my night of massive meltdown, one of the things she did to cheer me up was make this request to the Killjoys kink meme.

I told her that nobody except me would ever be interested in that, and it seems I am sadly correct. But! Here are some reasons that I think it deserves to be written:

  • Both universes were heavily inspired by cult 1979 movie The Warriors.

  • Both the Killjoys and the hunters drive muscle cars with their insignias painted on top: a spider with a lightning bolt on the body, and a bat with a heart and skull on the body.

  • Both the Killjoys and the hunters use energy weapons -- laser guns, electric gloves, taser-type guns -- to fight their enemies.

  • The Killjoys' enemies are the Draculoids, the hunters' enemies are vampires.

  • The enemy leaders wear grey suits and have a dandy, foppish aesthetic.

  • The Killjoys have Mikeyway. The hunters have Pete Wentz.

In conclusion, sexy hijinks.


Nov. 15th, 2010 04:23 pm
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Has anyone yet written a crossover between the I'm Not Okay video and Dalton Academy from Glee? And if not, why not?
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Do you wanna know how bandom saved my life? No, it wasn't that video with the vampires. It was this ridiculous article, of all things.

Because suddenly it was fucking normal and okay to have a mental illness, it was something that rock stars did. Medication was something talked about in a frank, snarky, joking way by Pete.

And now this article about MCR. Where they talk about how they wanted to be againt the "that super-safe, clean, take-your-medication type of world". Where they talk about how the song "vampire money" is about shitty sellouts who write vampire novels.

I don't feel like I fit anymore. People can say "oh, but they don't mean people like you" but I don't want to have to justify, specify, prove myself.

I'm not saying I'm burning bridges or that I don't love bands anymore -- I fucking love bands, you'd have to pry me away with a crowbar, I will be the last guest still dancing when the lights go out at the bandon party. But I'm so fucking tired right now. I'm tired of swimming upstream.

Or, as I once wrote in my shitty sellout vampire novels,

Lily bends one leg up so her foot rests on her chair, her chin resting on the knee of her jeans, and reties her shoelaces. She keeps her eyes on what she's doing, not looking at Michelle as she speaks.

"Years ago," Lily says, picking at the edge of the sole of her sneaker with a thumbnail. "I tried to kill myself. Did you know that?"

“Yeah,” Michelle says. It'd been mentioned in some of the interviews she'd read when Remember the Stars were first on her radar. She's always wondered if maybe it was part of why she'd become so invested in the band.

She knows for sure that it had been a comfort to be able to listen to songs on her mp3 player and know that the voice in her ears was a kindred spirit, that Michelle wasn't the only fucked-up brown girl all full of sadness and despair and music in the world.

Lily's not really brown anymore. She was always a few shades lighter than Michelle; light enough to pass for Caucasian. Now she's sickly-pale like all vampires, with only a little more color shading her than Will or Ash.

Of all the things Lily's lost, that's the one which makes Michelle ache most.


I miss putting my earphones in and hearing kindred spirits sing out to me.
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