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La la la here are some Homestuck stories I really love.

Miracle Child by bramblePatch
The worldbuilding and the development of characters and relationships in this story are some of the best I've seen. And the Grand Highblood has a predatory, ancient, layered orneriness that's like everything that's great about vampires mixed up with everything that's great about more savage monsters mixed up with a literal carnivalesque element. Also I adore Arsast kind of a lot.

Scarlet and Bible Black by paraTactician
The way Rose and Sollux are written in this story is nothing short of astonishing. All the easy characterisation shortcuts are burned away and there's nothing left but the pure and brutal truth of who these two kids are, brittle and clever and stubborn.

The Last Hearing Of Gamzee Makara by schellibie and urbanAnchorite
Terezi's voice -- everyone's voice, but this is absolutely Terezi's tale -- is so wonderful here. Devastatingly so. This is the story of a bunch of kids, thrown to places that no kid should ever have to go, and the things they lose there. And a special note has to go to the illustrations with this story, too, because goddamn. You absolutely understand why Terezi feels the way she does, when Gamzee looks like that.

Hold Your Colour by lantadyme
"The game remakes the world when they win. It forgets one thing." This fic is a shot of pure Dave straight to the heart. And if that description doesn't make you brace yourself for pain, then you're about to learn why it should.

dave striders journal alternatively titled why do i listen to my sister alternatively titled how do i hold all these feels alternatively titled god dammit by radicalnothing
Dave and John are at college. Sleep-deprived, Dave accidently emails John his journal when he means to send an assignment. His pretty sexually explicit journal. About how he feels about John. This is everything that's delightful and lovely about these two incurable nerdfaces.

Space Bro by jumpingjacktrash
A really nicely built, bittersweet, moving, post-game humanstuck story. Sollux remembers. Karkat doesn't.

I am sure I have forgotten a MILLION AWESOME STORIES but this is a starter-list at least?

EDIT: OH SHIT I can't believe I forgot reason reason cannot know by minna. Prolly because I always forget that the post-scratch kids are part of the same story as the rest of them because I am an idiot. Autoresponder is a distinct entity with distinct feelings. Poor thing.


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