Oct. 24th, 2011 08:25 am
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Audrey, Erinna and I decided at the last minute to check out the Armageddon convention over the weekend, which meant I had very little time in which to think up and create a very silly costume. Because I am a complete and utter failure at acting like a proper grown up.

I decided to go as a secret unlockable character from Homestuck, since I figure there's no reason to do stupidity by halves. Pictures below the cut!

Hee hee hee hoo hoo hoo )

All in all, I think I did okay for a no-planning no-budget outfit.

I am super-super behind on my flists on both Dreamwidth and Livejournal, so if something major has happened and I didn't comment I am sincerely sorry and will try to get caught up, uh, someday.

Oh! And while I am camwhoring, here is me from a couple of weeks ago:

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In conclusion: Yep.
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Well, since my melodramatic meltdown of nonsense, I have tried to take it easy a bit. I got a week off work, which I'm currently halfway through, but I'm not getting nearly as much done around the house as I'd hoped to and so I'm just, blargh.

My rent has gone up by $87 a month, which is revolting. I'm glad to be able to lock in another year's lease, because the thought of moving is overwhelmingly dreadful, but I feel so... indulgent, I guess. Living in a proper apartment like a proper grown-up when I'm clearly just a flailing mess of disaster. I feel like I should stop pretending that I can have nice things.

Also, more than any of the sobbing or exhaustion or ridiculousness, the biggest indication that I'm running on backup power is the fact that I entirely forgot about an assignment that was due yesterday. I have to get it done today in order to scrape a pass grade. Ugh, way to take a week off being stressed out, Mary, GOOD JOB.

Edits on The Devil's Mixtape are coming along all right. It's funny having to find a line between making the Australian-isms decipherable while keeping the rhythms of authentic-sounding speech. Audrey's cover sketches are lovely and weird and cool.

Hopefully I'll get the rights to The Wolf House series back very soon -- it's in the process of being removed off Amazon and suchlike at the moment. The publisher of Devil's Mixtape wants to pick up the earlier series as well, which is a relief. I always joked when I was younger than my ambition as an author was to be in the $3 remainder bin at the newsagent, but the thought of being actually out of print so soon after publishing is actually pretty depressing and awful.

Next Novel That Has No Title Yet is plodding along very slowly. It's frustrating. I wish I had more energy and time. Also there's a collection of short stories I want to write for, but ugh. Time and energy. Bleh.

I've been watching a lot of Death Note, as the poor subscribers on my tumblr are painfully aware at this point. I really like it a whole lot. The world's greatest detective and the world's worst serial killer and their true and pure love, and cake and tennis and feelings and tiny angry proteges in leather pants. IT'S GREAT AND I LOVE IT A LOT. I have fic ideas but my knowledge of Japanese culture is rudimentary at best and I'd worry about creating a horrible mess.
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I started reading L: Change the World on the train this morning and it is just beautiful. It opens with this big explosive car chase with double-agent spies and all that stuff -- and L swaps the case of documents for explosives halfway through the chase, because he is dressed in a bear suit in front of a crepe shop and the agents crash into him.

Then the stand-off between said agents is thwarted when a little girl adds Mentos to a bottle of soda and aims it at the double-agent holding an elderly lady hostage.

Then L makes her a crepe with chocolate sauce.

Then she tells him he needs to get better at making crepes.

Then Watari shows up so L unzips the top half of the bear suit, complains that he’s not good with girls, and twists open a bunch of gourmet macaroons so he can pour chocolate sauce into them.

Then Watari's like "so someone has to actually deal with the incredibly important contents of that suitcase you got ahold of, you know".

And L's like "idk is Near busy? Give it to him" and eats more macaroons.

I am already in love with this book.

Death Note

Sep. 8th, 2011 03:01 pm
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I literally cannot go more than two pages of Death Note at a time without laughing out loud. And I usually read it when I'm on the train or at a cafe or suchlike, so I have spent most of my recent public time looking like an unhinged person.

I can't help it. Everyone in it and everything they do is just magical and amazing. I don't even know how to begin to describe it, suffice to say that while Tiger & Bunny has been my post-DC-Comics refuge for excellent, touching, hilarious, exciting stories about superheroes who have way too many feelings, Death Note is the text I'll now turn to when I want stories akin to the more psychologically horrimazing exploits of the Bat family.

Think of every time little blonde Pre-Crisis Jason told Bruce 'my whole soul belongs to you! I don't even care if you cause my death! THAT IS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOOOOOOOU!', combined with that time Bruce deliberately gave himself amnesia of ever having been Batman so that he would be totally convincing as Bruce Wayne while being observed, combined with every single one of Tim Drake's more Dexter-y moments cranked up to eleven, combined with the way Jason sometimes fights with Dick and Tim and Damian like they're all wet cats in a sack, combined with Jason and Stephanie's inability to comprehend why Bruce is like 'no seriously, killing criminals is wrong, even really bad ones, if this keeps being a theme with you guys I'll be annoyed', combined with...


I've actually only got one fic rec for it so far, because I still have heaps of canon to gleefully devour (in addition to the original manga, which I'm making my way through, there is an anime series, a couple of live-action movies, and a couple of novels).

But if you're already familiar with Death Note, you should read A Tithe to Hell (though heed the warnings at the start!) because it's just so fucking good and basically everything I could want in an L/Light story.

Ugh ugh I just love them so much.
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I got my welcome letter for the Pottermore beta, finally. I'm in Slytherin, my animal's a black cat, and my wand is a 12.5 inch unbending sycamore with a dragon heartstring, which essentially translates to "Mary is a drama queen, stubborn, and likes seeking out new experiences" in wand-language. It's a fair assessment.

A few weeks ago I switched to using a Lush solid shampoo and look how great my hair is now! That's from ddoing nothing but brushing the knots out while it was still wet and then letting it air-dry, and the photo doesn't even convey the extent of neato flippity-ness that exists in-person. TRULY THIS IS MIRACLE PRODUCT.

Man, look at those sexy dark circles under my eyes. Hawt. Speaking of (that was the best-worst segue I've done in a while), Death Note! It's neat! I love it! I know I am the very last person on earth to get on the Death Note train, but it is truly glorious. It's genuinely tragic one moment and then oh god are L and Light really engaging in a psychological tango by an intense and overthought game of tennis the next. I cannot properly cope with how clever-stupid the pair of them are. I laugh out loud while reading the manga in public. I can't help it. Plus Near, Mello, and Matt give me all of the Robin feelings, and Misa is somewhere between pre-Crisis Jay and Harley Quinn, honestly.

You can take the girl out of DC-reading, but you can't take the DC-reading out of the girl.

I may have a publisher for the novel I wrote between October and April, aka New Novel, aka The Devil's Mixtape. It's a wee indie one in the US which my friend Narrelle suggested. I have a lot of feelings about this! There have been some crying moments, and not the happy-crying sort (which I mostly only get from Rumer Godden books and sometimes fanfictions) -- going with a small publisher (which I haven't yet, officially, but which is almost certainly how things are going to work out) feels like I've failed to be a success at this whole thing, yet again. Which is stupid! And a part of me knows it's stupid!

But still there are tears and feeling bummed, because another part of me remains convinced that all the publishing industry people I know, be they writers or editors or agents or whatever, think that I'm rubbish and, if they feel any emotion about me beyond 'she's rubbish', feel pity at me for my rubbishness. And even though hard-copy book stores are rapidly approaching status as an endangered species in Australia at this point, I still hold fragile girlish hopes of someday seeing my books for sale in book stores. Oh well, Hares & Hyenas might take a couple, I guess we'll see.

Next Novel (which genuinely doesn't have a title yet, not a good one anyway -- I suspect I can't just call it "A Biopunk Story About Feelings") is dragging a bit simply because I've been busy doing not much of anything useful.


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