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I've started tossing stuff into an AO3 user account. Woo! (Thanks and thanks to shihadchick for the invite code :D)

So far it's mostly a bunch of stuff from 2004 & 2005 that I had handy -- there's still a whole lot of 2005 stuff (and the multi-author stuff from 2004) that needs to go up there, and everything from the years since then, and everything from the years before then. I can see I will come to regret this entire venture.

As well as the older stuff, I threw the TSN bits and pieces up there, and the X-Men First Class stuff apart from my collaboration with Audrey -- I have to hunt around AO3 a bit and learn what the best way to include images is and all that stuff before I can post our crossovery things from years and fandoms past and present.

I most likely won't do archiving except on days when I'm in at the day job office, because I only have a little netbook at home and doing anything with forms and formatting is just a pain. I'm next in the office on Friday, so I'll see if I can grab some lunch-hour time then. If you can remember anything of mine you miss, lemme know and I'll see what I can dig up from my messy past of poor choices.

In much more important news, apparently the very last episode of Criminal Intent was basically Bobby Goren And The Case Of The Murdered Winklevoss Twins And The Female Mark Zuckerberg. I am going to watch the shit out of that.


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Isn't moral anarchy kind of the point?

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