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Flights home today. I know I'll remember all the things I love about my job and my apartment and routine when I get back but for now I'm only recalling the stressful and frustrating and lonely and crazy-brained and unhappy parts. Ho-hum. My first world problems, look how significant and tragic and terrible they are, woe is me.

I have written much less of New Novel than I'd hoped/planned to on this trip, but on the upside I think I may have a vague idea what Next Novel is about.

Bethy is awake and I have asked her and she says I can just live here forever and never leave so I think I'mma go to that.


Apr. 16th, 2011 12:08 pm
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Some photos from yesterdaaaaaaay. I love my friends and I love this city and I love that dumb band and ugh.

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This batch of photos from the last couple of days is less varied than the last lot, as I didn't think that interludes on an interstate bus or at a Milwaukee IHOP would be of all that much interest. So it's just some silly band I saw again or whatever. I kind of love them a lot and forever.

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Photos from my trip so far, featuring old friends, new friends, Chicago, Denver, the Columbine Memorial, a domino mask, My Chemical Romance, a stuffed Bambi toy, a muffin, a mural of a snow-covered forest, a firepit, S'mores, Patrick Stump's jacket, and awkward self-portraits.

<3 <3 <3 <3

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I have managed to lose my Australian phone, because I am the most stupid, STUPID PERSON ALIVE. And because I am in, you know, Colorado, I can't remedy my incredible and massive stupid right away. I don't want to lose my number I have had it six years :(. STUPID MARY.

American chaps, lasses, and folk, I have a new US number and it is (872) 333 5823. Use it for telling me what a complete fucking idiot I am! Woo!

The really irritating part of all this is that there are so many beautiful, profound, funny, stupid, amazing things I want to write about today and my trip so far. And instead I get to whine about my own self-made problems of dumbness. Woo!


Apr. 8th, 2011 05:58 pm
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hi journal sites it's 2:42am in Chicago and jetlag has had me awake for the last couple hours. I love this city and i love my friends but those are posts for another time because for now i have just finished listening to the social network soundtrack yet again on my mp3 player and think i have a good metaphor to explain why the film has hit me as it has.

My favourite oscar wilde quote - which i am probably botching - is 'from the wildness of my wasted passion i had struck a better, clearer song'.

Now, wilde was obsessed with the romanticism of greek tragedy before his trial - it was part of what made him make the choices he made. He thought a sad, poetic ending to his great love affair proved its profundity and truth.

But then he grew up. And he struck a better, clearer song.

The actors and crew etc of tsn describe the story as 'very greek' a lot. And it is. In ways pre-jail oscar would have soundly approved of.

But we never get the better, clearer song at the close, we don't get a realisation of the downside of being in a greek epic. Not that the film has any reason to offer this - it's only my love of the wilde quote that makes me want or expect any such resolution.

But every time 'hand covers bruise' reappears on the soundtrack it's quieter, more distant. Behind more static.

Mark never gets his clearer song. And so i keep on turning the movie over in my head, unresolved.
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Back. Sad & glad.
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Hiii internet! I am at the computers in my hostel in Chicago. Last night I had a panic attack because I'd decided that today would be my Book Editing Day of the trip. But it's been pretty okay! I forgot that I don't actually hate the books themselves, I just hate thinking about how being not-shitty isn't the same as being a not-failure, and the self-hatred which said failure brings. It's complicated being as rubbish as me, you know.

Plus it's pretty fucking cool to be re-reading these stories while I'm in the place where they're set. My hostel's a townhouse, y'see, and Jezz and Beckah both decided that one of the other townhouses on the block is the one where the vampires live in the books. So, neat. But complicated. Ugh. I suck so hard.

Anyway, since Charlie and Hunter are both home now, I raided their facebooks for some of their photos from the trip. My camera is still useless, as chargers cost a heap at Best Buy -- but I did get a phone! Which was ridiculously cheap! My American number for all future visits (and the remainder of this one) is 312 813 2073. Woo!

So here are some phone-photos and stolen-from-facebook photos of random people and things from the last week or so of my life. :)

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Today we went on a Hollywood tour, on which I got to eat a Sprinkles cupcake om nom. Then we went to Madame Tussuads which was ridiculous and hilarious.

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Tomorrow we fly on to Chicago, and since I'm out of camera battery I prolly won't be posting very much from there. But I'll see you when I get back! Until then, here's a picture I took of Charlie and Lindsey on the weekend that I really love, because the pair of them make such a matched set.

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Today we went to Universal Studios! My camera has almost completely run out of juice, alas, so there's not many snaps here. Dear self, get a charger!

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Today we hung out at the hotel pool, went to the Hard Rock Cafe, and went to Griffith Park Observatory. Also the 'We Miss You Kylie!' picture from yesterday got retweeted by Lindsey and so has been seen 1,900 times so far. I am so glad that this journal is off the general fannish radar, ahahaha.

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Today I saw some art. And seriously, you guys, SERIOUSLY, motherfucking seriously, if you can see LynZ and Jessicka's show when it opens later this year, YOU MUST GO, Jesus their work is beautiful. I had to apologise for not having the words to describe it. Seriously moving and clever and lovely and excellent.

I promised them both that I wouldn't post any of their pieces online, however, so there's only a few artworks amongst today's pictures. But I had so, SO much fun.

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Today we went to the magic kingdom and it was magical!

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Here are couple of pictures of last night and today wheee!

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HEY INTERNET, GUESS WHERE I WENT TODAY. Also we saw a chain-smoking Cheerio and got to walk through the set of Community and all kinds of other awesome shit.
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Hey, Australians, are any of you able to grab me a ticket to The Smashing Pumpkins concert? Tickets go onsale Thursday morning, and I'll be on a plane somewhere over the ocean then, and not able to purchase said ticket. The concert is the 15th of October and I absolutely have to go, because I have never ever seen them live, and the last time they were here I had to give up my ticket on account of my last minute plan to chase My Chemical Romance across the USA. America, quit cockblocking my attempts to see Billy Corgan, darn it!

Speaking of America, Gerard Way needs to quit LARPing in the desert and talking about dressing up like the Crow, so that his wife can use the computer. Plans need to be planned, Gerard! You and your friends can play your make-believe robot anarchy apocalypse after the grow-ups are finished.

And speaking of Australians, I am taking part in this super-excellent-glorious fanfiction reading at the Fringe Festival shortly after I get back from the states. It will be most awesome times! Everyone should come along! Audz and Erinna both nominated Salvage as the story they would like to hear me read, so that's probably going to be my contribution to the evening.

I'm... not the best I've ever been, brain-wise. But I'm surviving.
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Um, hi journal-type environment! It's been a week since I updated! Largely this is because I have been writing Wolf House at any moment I wasn't studying, working, or sleeping -- and I skipped a bunch of the sleeping, too, which was an adventure I will not soon repeat by choice.

But after a week of telling twitter that writing is hard, writing is hard, why did I ever decide to do this, oh god life is pain... I have finished book 5. I don't know how long the final count is, but when I last checked it was twice as long as any of the other books. Which means it didn't actually make my workload any easier by paring the series back from an intended six to five, ha. But I'm glad I finished it with this one, with these point-of-view characters. I feel like I got where I was trying to go, and even if it's not perfect, it's a damn sight better than I expected it to be.

Except that, shit, now that I'm mostly done with the writing, I no longer have an excuse for not doing PR work about 'em. Urrgh. That'll be, um. Fun.

This whole thing started sitting with Audrey in the middle of the night in April of 2007. The adventure's not finished yet, of course, but I feel like it was apt that I wrote the last words of the main guts of it sitting with Audrey in the middle of the night, here in August 2010. Some things change, some don't.

Um, other news... I have a million billion trillion assignments to do! What a buzzkill, man. But when you've just written five novels it's hard to get too stressed out about eight thousand words of essays due. Bring 'em on, baby, I can do that with my eyes shut.

Plans for the LA trip are coming together, wheee! Lindsey is so awesome that her awesomes have awesomes attached. And SUNNY WEATHER AAAAH. WARMTH. I REMEMBER THAT. I CANNOT WAIT.
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