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Yesterday I was stuck in bed, down with the sickness, so I watched the rest of Being Human UK season 3. And then chattered at Gracie about why I was disappointed in it. Mary has dismay in blathery email form. )

So, yeah, that. Basically, what I loved about the show in season one -- and I will always adore season one -- was the "three lost monsters make a family together" aspect. That was beautiful and wonderful.

And I feel like that got thrown under the bus in favour of 'good people have hegemonic families, bad people are a threat to that' in this season. Blaaaaah.


I am at 8430 words on Next Novel, and it's still exciting and dear and fresh to me. And then in the midst of feeling all giddy I feel stupid and worthless, because. Well, because. Another email exchange with Gracie yesterday:

Mary: 6938 words blargh writing is stupid why do I do it :[
Gracie: Oh hush, you love it and you are awesome at it
Mary: No, I am addicted to it, and I do it passably because I'm well-practiced at it.

I just keep thinking about that Jesse Eisenberg quote where he's talking about how, when he was a kid, one of his therapists said to him "you deserve to be happy" and it was the best piece of advice he ever got. And I'm always like "... but I don't deserve to be happy, so that doesn't apply to me". Because I haven't done anything useful or helpful or brilliant or clever. I've read enough books that I can mimic a not-entirely-shitty format for conveying an idea through the written word, but anybody can learn to mimic, it's not exactly a remarkable talent. There is nothing about me that deserves anything. I'm not clever, I'm not funny, I'm not tidy, I can't cook, I'm not pretty, I'm not good with money. I'm useless and pathetic.


SPEAKING OF JESSE EISENBERG (well not really but BEAR WITH MY SEGUE HERE OKAY PEOPLE), I got my copy of THE MARK ZUCKERBERG COMIC in the mail and it is AMAAAAZING. AMAZING. Here are some pages and panels.


I've tried to restrain the number of pages posted, because I understand that most people don't share the sheer glee I feel over this awkward nonsense. But seriously, every page is horrible, horrible gold. MAGICAL GOLD.
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Interesting yet disgusting thing I have learned this week: when sunburnt, white tattoos blister but blue ones do not. I know you're all so very glad I shared that.

Being Human UK remains my very favouritest show in the world, even if season 3 does seem to have this weird theme running through it about how hilarious and absurd it apparently is when normal friendly suburban people act normal and friendly and suburban whilst engaged in non-vanilla/non-monogamous sex.

I'm still an episode behind, but 'Adam's Family' was a great episode emotionally and very funny, even if it did have problematic subtexts about female sexuality with regard to the blonde girl Adam met at the arcade vs Nina's wholesome-normal-monogamous judging (which is hilarious because come on, last week Nina had werewolf sex in a cage, let's not be quite so snotty at the teenage girl for liking hookups here), and the aforementioned kink-as-punchline stuff, and Annie's continued quest to be as dependent as possible on a boy for her sense of worth.

But aside from all those things, the episode was brilliant, and is now its own spin-off webisode series, which means more Being Human UK for me. Yay! Plus, Adam finally called Mitchell on being the smelliest boy in the world, which is two seasons overdue at least.
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Birthday picnic was wonderful fun, though now I am sunburnt. I adore my family, my friends are wonderful, and I'm having a mood where I just generally appreciate all the fantastic things in my life and feel capable of conquering all the non-fantastic bits without too much trouble. Yay for good days!

Also, I read a fabulous story this evening: The Other Boy by Lenore. Remember that time Adam Lambert tweeted that if he could be on any television show, he'd want to be a singer in Fangtasia on True Blood? Yeah. It's a great story on numerous levels and I'm sure I'm going to re-read it numerous times.
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I didn't get a lot of sleep the last couple of nights. On Wednesday night it was because Tropical Cyclone Yasi was bearing down on the town where my father and my baby brother and baby sister live, and I was glued to the grim updates and getting so worried that I eventually asked Erinna to come around and keep me from completely losing my mind.

She came despite the late hour, because I have amazing friends, and we stayed up until two watching the amazing vampires documentary my mother once gave me on dvd, which includes a long segment about a Minnesota couple who are in a long-term relationship with Vlad the Impaler on the astral plane and had him help decorate their house.

Everything turned out all right in the end: Dad and family still don't have power or phones, but managed to use one of the special emergency lines for long enough to call my grandmother and say that they're all safe and sound. I was giddy with relief, but won't ever forget the hideous feeling of knowing that somewhere far away people I love were in danger and there was no way for me to help, nothing for me to do but wait until the danger passed and then get the news of how it went. Ugh.

Then last night I didn't sleep well because I was feeling like a general grumpy hideous disgusting failure. First really yuck attack of the moods for 2011! Happy new year! Blaaargh.

So I am a LOVELY RAY OF SUNSHINE this morning, I'm sure you can imagine. And work is a sick-making level of stress all on its own, so I'm sitting here feeling completely grumpy and terrible and then I feel like a complete shit for feeling like that when my family are all safe and life is good.

Case #183(a) is updated, which is an increasingly rare event. I should add some of my photos from Paramount Studios or something.

Ugh, I suck so much and I am going to fail at being Editor and get fired and die alone and homeless and crazy.
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So let's discuss this exchange from Being Human UK season 3 episode 1: They’re cheering... )

SHOW. I LOVE YOU SHOW. Being Human exists, all is right with the world.

Because I was so full of joy and love at my showwww being back on, I actually watched the first two episodes of the US remake.

My love of The Ring and Let Me In attest to the fact that I am perfectly capable of wildly adoring remakes, when I feel like they've done something interesting and new with the thing they're remaking. Now, since Being Human US is following the same episode arcs as the first season of the UK version, it's hard yet to discern what riffs/differences they're going to do, but I've got a few preliminary observations.

a) the things I find especially wonderful about Mitchell -- his constant snacking, his gross personal habits -- aren't present in Aidan. Aidan doesn't eat human food at all, and appears to know what a bath is.
b) The antagonist vampires are much less superficially avuncular -- Rebecca and Bishop are more obviously predators in their looks and speech rhythms than Lauren and Herrick.
c) Josh is more self-absorbed than George, Sally is less flighty than Annie, and there's more of a sense of genuine irritation rather that just frustration between Josh and Sally.

Essentially, I think it's telling that the first episodes are a remake of both the first episode of the UK version and the original UK pilot. It seems like more than the plot of the pilot's been borrowed -- the tone and characters are a mix of the UK series and the pilot, rather than just the series.

So if you're among those who (for some reason I can't fathom) didn't enjoy the direction the UK series took after the pilot, you might want to give the US version a look. I think I'll stick to the UK one myself, though I may dip in and out of the US one from time to time out of curiousity.


Jan. 23rd, 2011 09:13 pm
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It's a music video with the following summary:

Fandom: Jurassic Park trilogy (Movie)
Music: "I Want More" (edited demo from Lestat the musical) by Elton John
Summary: The inevitable outcome of cloning giant carnivores.

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When Erinna called me on my night of massive meltdown, one of the things she did to cheer me up was make this request to the Killjoys kink meme.

I told her that nobody except me would ever be interested in that, and it seems I am sadly correct. But! Here are some reasons that I think it deserves to be written:

  • Both universes were heavily inspired by cult 1979 movie The Warriors.

  • Both the Killjoys and the hunters drive muscle cars with their insignias painted on top: a spider with a lightning bolt on the body, and a bat with a heart and skull on the body.

  • Both the Killjoys and the hunters use energy weapons -- laser guns, electric gloves, taser-type guns -- to fight their enemies.

  • The Killjoys' enemies are the Draculoids, the hunters' enemies are vampires.

  • The enemy leaders wear grey suits and have a dandy, foppish aesthetic.

  • The Killjoys have Mikeyway. The hunters have Pete Wentz.

In conclusion, sexy hijinks.

Let Me In

Oct. 30th, 2010 05:22 pm
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Today Audz and I saw Let Me In, which has only been out in Australia for two weeks but has already stopped playing at most cinemas. Which is a crying shame, because I absolutely fucking adored this movie.

It's genuinely horrifying, not in a 'so much gore!' way, or even an 'I'm so scared about the scary thing that's about to scare me!' way, but in the way where you can feel the way in which the terrible endings wind tighter and tighter around all of the characters with every action they make.

It's about how every predator is someone else's victim -- the bully at school has a mean older brother, the serial killer goes home to the monster he adores -- and that, too easily, every victim can become someone else's predator. The brother calls the bully 'little girl' and then the bully turns around and calls the smaller boy in his class 'little girl' and the cycle goes on and on...

Unless the little girl has claws and fangs.

As well as horrifying, this movie is sad. It's inevitable to compare this movie to Let the Right One In, but for whatever it's worth I've never even felt close to tears watching the original, or when reading the book -- they're just not that kind of story, either of them. Awful things happen, but there's no especially strong emotion attached to them.

But Let Me In is a tragedy. Even while you viscerally feel how very, very badly Owen needs to get away, to run, to survive the crushing loneliness of his broken home and his cruel classmates and to get away out into adult life someday, even while you feel all that, you also feel how sweet Abby is alongside her cunning predatory manipulation. You feel that she does love the man she lives with, and she does love Owen.

As much as she's capable of loving, she loves them with all of it. That doesn't mean love can save anyone, or redeem the things they do. It can just make everything an awful ballet of loneliness and connection.

Basically, I really loved the movie. It isn't perfect, and neither is the original. They each just are what they are, and they're very different things, and I love them both. Let Me In hurts the heart far more, though. You ache for everyone by the end, and know that there isn't a happy ending for any of them.
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I'm only on the fourth chapter, but the Twilight fic Luminosity is currently my favourite thing in the world.

It's brought to you by the LessWrong folk, and was pointed out by I_amthecosmos, and is just amazing.

It's essentially a retelling of Twilight wherein Bella is a rationalist. Which means it reads, to me, like a retelling of Twilight wherein Bella Swan is Tim Drake. I want it to exist in hard copy, because it's so enjoyable as a story and as a narrative voice.

Tra la la

Aug. 18th, 2010 10:32 am
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Shit I still cannot believe I got away with, part the millionth: From my essay in this book:

These days, if you throw a stone at popular culture, you can hit a vampire who kills other vampires without even trying. In Japanese anime there’s the quiet schoolgirl Saya of Blood: the Last Vampire, the enigmatic wanderer D of Vampire Hunter D, or the cruel gangster Alucard of Hellsing. In America there are the charismatic, tortured title characters of the Blade films and TV shows such as Angel and Moonlight, to name just a few. Even Pete Wentz of the rock band Fall Out Boy played one for one of the band’s videos.
And there’s Damon Salvatore, too.

I think I somehow managed to scam my way into writing about the shit I like to a level that goes waaaaaay beyond the "do what you love, and fuck the rest" concept.

I'm just terrified of the day when someone goes "who let this fraud past security? She's not a writer! She's not even a mediocre writer! Have her killed by lions. But first have everyone she loves admit to her that they don't really like her. Also have the internet laugh at her for a while for thinking anybody gives a shit about her. Then have her killed by lions. But not in a way that makes her think we actually care enough to hate her. In a nonchalant way."

This is an actual scenario which regularly plays out in my head! Sometimes there are sharks instead of lions, but either way they kill me in the dark, because it's scarier in the dark.

Yesterday I had to take the no-longer-wee-babysitting-charge to dance class, which entailed catching a taxi from her school to the dance studio. Since it took about 15 minutes for the cab to arrive last week (getting us there on-time, but only just), she asked me if I could call it 35 minutes before she needed to be there, just in case. I pointed out that it was only a ten-minute trip and she'd be there considerably earlier than her class started, but she was adamant.

So I called. And we waited. And then I called again and said 'um?' and they said 'oh, we sent a cab and the guy said there was nobody there'.

And I said 'um, no, we're exactly where you said we should wait' and he make a cranky noise and said 'fine, I'll send another' and then we waited and waited, and I called again.

And this time I got a lady, and said 'um?' and she said 'the computer says that we can't send you a taxi because you've got five small children with you' and I said 'UM' and she said 'you don't?' and I said 'um, no, I have one child here and she's not that small, what the heck?' and she said she'd send another cab.

And the wee babysitting charge is getting very frustrated, because her class starts at five and it's now five minutes to, and we wait, and we wait, and at five she said 'if it's not here by ten past, I want to just go to your place'.

So at exactly ten past -- I am not making this up, I had the phone in my hand, about to call and cancel the booking -- the taxi finally shows up.

We waited 45 minutes and got weirdly sabotaged by a taxi call centre operator along the way. Vexing. And yet vaguely funny, after the fact.
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Thank you so much to the people who have been so nice about my old fics! It's kind of ridiculous to me that anyone likes the stupid things I write, but I appreciate it nonetheless. And I am unlocking the rest when I get a chance, so fear not.

But for now I am posting because Audrey, Erinna and I just downloaded a screener of Vampires Suck, and it is SURPRISINGLY HILARIOUS in an incredibly dumb way.

I mean, I legitimately love Twilight, but I also acknowledge that it is utterly, utterly silly and well-deserving of criticism and parody. And this movie is dreadfully silly but it is also SO FUNNY, because the actors all do PERFECT parodies of their characters, and it's just heightened enough above the original plot points to be absurd while still a critique. Basically it's GREAT FUN for anyone who has seen the Twilight movies, especially those who have a fondness but also enjoy mockery. I recommend it.

And Verity? It has exactly what you wanted out of the Edward-watches-Bella-sleep scene: farting.
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Okay, so, some of you know my totally unironic and completely pure love for the Lestat musical -- I have a playbill from the show framed on the wall in my living room, no lie -- which was written by Elton John.

I have just found out what Elton John's next adapt-a-book project is: a musical of Animal Farm.

I don't even know what commentary to provide in response to this beyond stating that sometimes the world is strange.
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Every time I see that Twilight parody where the baddies are like "why does everyone always think we're the Black Eyed Peas?", I think of these losers, because back when Snakes on a Plane came out one of my friends thought that the band at the end was the Black Eyed Peas.

So naturally this led to me thinking about who would be who if the two not-the-Black-Eyed-Peas were one in the same. Bill is Laurent, and Gabe is James, and Maja is Victoria, and Travis is going to skip this whole trying-to-eat-Bella thing and instead adopt a bunch of babies that ain't never had shit.
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Day 3: Your My Chemical Romance favorite lyric.

These questions are HARD. Um. As I said in the 'favourite song' answer, the first lyrics tattoo I got was 'awake and unafraid', so clearly that's a lyric that's very important and dear to me. I also have a tattoo which says 'sharpest', from the line 'we are made from the sharpest things', and that's another one which I hold close to me.

I like 'so paint it black and take it back' from 'Welcome to the Black Parade', and 'I'm not ashamed, I'm gonna show my scar, give a cheer for all the broken'. I don't give a shit if it's cheesy; I didn't become a My Chemical Romance fan for cool points.

I have an inordinate fondness for the line "shoot back holy water like cheap whiskey", from 'Vampires Wil Never Hurt You'.

But in the end, I'm going to have to go with 'awake and unafraid'. Because that's how this band made me feel, for the first time in a long time.


Case #183(a) is updated with a bunch of random junk, because otherwise said random junk is just going to keep rattling around in my head and getting underfoot.

I got to 40,202 words on book 5 last night. That's kind of cool (I promise I'm not going to keep giving wordcount updates, but 40k is a big-ish one for me and it's been hard work every step of the way, so I'm a bit pleased).

Classes start again on Monday (I'm doing Monday and Thursday nights, six until ten, this semester); I am going to be on the radio again late Wednesday night; my apartment is a bomb site; the camera I use for putting up etsy listings is busted; day-job continues to be in low-level turmoil at all times; my brother comes to stay soon and he and his girlfriend are all CHEERFUL and SOCIAL and FUNCTIONAL and FRIENDLY and there should be a law against it, I say. And how are you on this fine Friday morning, internet?
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A Visitor's Guide to Mystic Falls is up for pre-order.

A Visitor's Guide to Mystic Falls brings together today’s best YA writers of the supernatural to talk about the first season of The Vampire Diaries: the characters, the storyline, the magic, the town. From a history of the Salem’s witches from whom Bonnie is descended to family therapy for brothers Stefan and Damon, the anthology is guaranteed to keep the show's viewers entertained—and make them see Mystic Falls, and the rest of The Vampire Diaries, in a whole new way.

Today's best YA writers of the supernatural, and also me. HA, JOKE'S ON YOU, MYSTIC FALLS.

My essay is called Damon Salvatore: Vampire Hunter, and is about the literary and pop culture traditions of vampires who kill other vampires and how Damon turns these on their heads, with comparison/contrasts to Anne Rice's Claudia and Stephenie Meyer's Jasper, as well as Blade and Vampire Hunter D and Angel and stuff.

And yes, I do mention Vampire Pete Wentz.
mary: Edward biting Bella in her dream ([twilight] bella dreams)! Check it out! It's by an Actual For Real website designer and a graphic artist and stuff! Woo! (Once again, I apologise to Beckah for the tentacle content.)

If you find a broken link, tell me, as I'm sure there are nine million of them lurking around in there still, even if I double-checked that I'd moved all the content over. Remember when I actually used to write things, you guys? Wasn't that cool? And interviewing bands! I remember that. It was great. I miss being 25 and clever and young and determined so terribly much. Now I am old and exhausted and no fun for anybody.

In other news, seeing Eclipse on Friday night reminded me how sad I am that there isn't lots and lots of Cullen orgy fic in the world.

I've seen many of my friends over the past couple of evenings and am reminded of how much I appreciate them and how entertaining they all are. I have no idea how I got so lucky, but I'm glad I did. People are great.
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I've held off buying the three Being Human novels that are out, because although it is my very favourite show, I wasn't sure that it would translate especially well to a different medium, and tie-in novels are so hit-and-miss with quality -- when they're gold, they're GOLD, but when they're not they're kind of awful, as a general rule.

But I broke eventually, as I was destined to, because it is my very favourite show and I miss it. And I realised very quickly that I had nothing to fear from these books, as demonstrated by the quote below.

This is the entire text of the first page of the first book, transcribed here because oh man, I love their faces and I miss this damn show so hard.

'Tea!' hollered Annie, over the noise of frying eggs. She reached for the spatula and deftly flipped each egg onto a waiting piece of toast. 'Food!' she yelled.
Above her, upstairs, the thud-thud-thud-crash meant the boys had got their shoes on. Then, crash-thud-thud-thud, they were both tumbling down the narrow staircase and clattering into the kitchen.
Annie wheeled round, presenting them both with tea and toast and egg.
'Wh-what?' flustered George, blinking at her from behind fragile, frameless glasses. His voice went squeaky when he was in a panic. 'We don't have time for-'
'Gotta make time,' said Mitchell, taking a bite from his sandwich. Golden, wet egg slopped down his chin. He grinned, chewing with his mouth open, then took a swig of tea.


Speaking of excellent British genre television, I love Doctor Who lots and lots and lots. Did you know that the Doctor's 12th incarnation is running my country? It's pretty neat.
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Here is a roundup of my weekend. It was jolly good times.

That post doesn't include how lovely it was to see so many of my Sydney friends, which was a big part of what made the weekend delightful, too. I appreciate you all terribly much, and wish more bands would fricking tour so I had an excuse to see you more often.

I'm reading the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel, even though I've only read the first one of the series and so am kind of jumping over a lot of progression, because though the series isn't really my thing this one's got Alexei Romanov as a vampire and that kind of thing is just my jam.

But clearly I have missed some major eventfulness in the middle there, because suddenly there are werepanthers. WEREPANTHERS. This is a word I am just going to keep saying because I feel it'll take a while to sink in for everyone. Werepanthers werepanthers werepanthers. Okay done.



Jun. 11th, 2010 12:52 pm
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I wasn't really properly-properly competing in the hc_bingo game; it was more a challenge to myself to write outside what I might have done otherwise, and to give people a chance to prod me into writing things they wanted to read.

But anyway, I've just been contacted by the mods of the challenge and told that Wolf House stories don't count for bingo, since it's just me writing original fiction. Which is perfectly fine, and a completely fair call in the circumstances.

I'll probably go back and eventually fill the remaining prompts people have already given me, since I want to honour the invitation to give me ideas, but it's unlikely I'm going to end up writing anything else (which is a shame, because it means I won't get to say THAT'S A BINGO!). I signed up for the game because I wanted to get my brain back into a Wolf House-writing space, so staying away from writing the Wolf House for it would be more than a bit counterproductive.

I know this is a pretty graceless thing to do on my part, but I'm having a bad brain day and my knee has been getting worse for weeks (I'm going to buy a new cane next time I have some money; it's time to suck it up and start using one in earnest through winter) and I'm just feeling really worn out and useless, so I'm trying to take a step back from this because it's making me feel anxious and unhappy and like I've screwed up yet again.

I know I've always had a habit of putting my foot in it pretty terribly with fandom, and I wish I knew how to avoid that propensity for suckage, but suspect it's just a part of who I am.

On a lighter note, I started reading The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer on the train this morning and I really like it so far. If it wasn't revoltingly egotistical on my part, I'd say that Bree reminded me of book 3 Bette. Which is ironic, since I picked Bette's name because of La belle et la bête; so she'd be a beast to contrast Twilight's Bella.

Ugh, stop talking about your stupid books, Mary.
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