May. 24th, 2011 01:32 pm
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So I applied for recognition of prior learning in order to complete my business/pr course without doing any more subjects. Of the four subjects left, I was qualified to skip three of them. So next semester I'll be doing night school again on Tuesdays to do the last one required.

On one hand, fuuuck, even more stuff on my plate. I'm butter scraped over too much bread already! (Okay, that was a mixed and yet oddly thematic metaphor.) But on the other, I'm so excited. I'll get to see my classmates from last year again and I'll be learning stuff and it's a routine that doesn't require the crushing self-motivation that writing stories and essays and novels does as a side gig.

Saying "I work and go to school" entails so much less than "I work and do a bit of freelance writing sometimes".

Except, oh shit, that means I really have to get cracking on getting Next Novel properly underway, or it will turn into the second coming of the endless incubation that book 5 of Wolf House underwent. And gosh, that was a disturbing and convoluted mixed metaphor there. Um. How about: Book 5 took a long, long time to write because I was also doing school through 2010, and I do not wish to go through the same difficulties for finishing Next Novel. How's that?


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Isn't moral anarchy kind of the point?

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